Preserving The Past: Traditional Recipes In Modern Restaurants

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As a restaurant, it’s important to set a precedent with your menu. Despite various fusion establishments growing in popularity throughout the country, there’s still a passion for traditional, cultural recipes. Those of us in the countryside understand the importance of preserving these authentic dishes and love the classic, timeless tastes.

If you’re interested in traditional recipes in modern restaurants, then check out this overview.

Setting A Tone With Your Menu

A restaurant sets a tone with the dishes it serves. Whether it’s a café specialising in authentic Italian cuisine, or a Mexican restaurant that prides itself on tangy salsas, it’s essential to build a menu around your passion and targeted patrons.

Diners will remember a restaurant that prides itself on achieving a goal, be that a traditional Sunday roast, or a new take on a classic recipe. That’s why at the Falcon Hotel, we set a tone with the meals we present, that way you’re guaranteed to leave satisfied and wanting more.

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Modern Twists On Classic Dishes

Unique dining experiences can be found in restaurants adapting traditional recipes to create a new twist on a classic flavour. At The Falcon Hotel, we pride ourselves on revolutionising authentic Welsh dishes with new and exciting flavours, whilst also maintaining a connection to the roots of the recipe. Maybe you’re looking for a classic Sunday lunch, or a new take on the traditional beef wellington. Regardless, you’ll find food on our menu to suit all tastes.

The Importance Of High Quality Produce For Traditional Recipes

At the Falcon Hotel, quality produce is the cornerstone of our traditional countryside cuisine. Beef sourced from reputable providers for our classic Sunday lunch, and seasonal vegetables served fresh are part of what makes an unforgettable classic recipe. 

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